At Adaptive Strength & Nutrition we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel or bring you the next “BIG THING” to help you lose 10 pounds in 10 days. 


We implement the scientific principles that have been studied and proven by experts in the field of nutrition and exercise science. 


We are here to simplify that science and help you achieve your goals in a way that is most optimal for you.


The science behind training and nutrition is always changing with new studies and discoveries that emerge. At ASN we pride ourselves on providing system that adapts to these new changes so that we can continue to provide quality service to each and every member.


With our system anyone can be successful as long as they put in the effort and are committed to their goals. 

Our #1 priority to provide an experience that is rewarding and educational. We want our members to gain the confidence & knowledge they need to be able to maintain their new achievements on their own and achieve new goals in the future.


We are here to provide you with long term sustainable results. Not a quick fix.

- Structured Flexibility taught through Exceptional Service -

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Meet Your Team

Michael Williams

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Michael is the Head Exercise & Fitness Coach at Adaptive Strength & Nutrition Inc. He is a certified personal trainer, boxing coach and powerlifting coach. Mike was involved in fitness from a very young age and is very passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. 

Brittany Kowalchuk

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Brittany is the Head Nutrition & Wellness Coach at Adaptive Strength & Nutrition Inc. She is certified through Precision Nutrition (Lv.1), is a Certified Personal Trainer and has received a diploma in personal training from NAIT. She is committed to teaching individuals how to achieve balance and sustain a healthy lifestyle without any restrictions.







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