HI!  My Names Mike!

I am the Head Powerlifting & Strength Coach at ASN:


  1. Certified Powerlifting Coach with Canadian Powerlifting Union

  2. Trained Beginner Boxing Instructor with Coaching Association of Canada 

  3. Personal Training Certification with International Fitness Association.


I have been coaching Powerlifting for about 3 years now and Personal Training for an accumulated 8 years.


So where did it all begin?


Fitness became a passion of mine early on. At first it was just a love for playing sports as a kid. Then I started learning about human anatomy and physiology and it was fascinating to me.


Muscle physiology was one of my favorite subjects when I attended George Brown College for Fitness & Lifestyle Management. Throughout college I trained heavily in Muay Thai kickboxing, dabbled in Jiu Jitsu and weight trained regularly. 


I worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant for a few years at the YMCA. But at that time making enough money in Personal Training was very difficult. So I started working Security as well which that led to me having a career in Law Enforcement as a Peace Officer. 


However my passion for fitness never fizzled. I always continued doing my own training programs and helped friends with theirs. While helping them I realized how much I missed coaching people and helping them live better by being physically active.


I was also missing the thrill of competition but at the time I wasn’t interested in getting back in the ring. So I gravitated towards strength sports and started learning everything I could about Powerlifting. 


I trained extremely hard and competed at local and provincial level competitions and came away with a few medals over the years. But I broke my body a lot in the process. The way I was training wasn’t optimal. My muscles always ached, my joints hurt and I seemed to have a new injury every 2-3 months.


I thought to myself this can’t be it. I can’t maintain this, I’m going to burn out.


So I started delving into the science behind muscle strength & hypertrophy and I was shocked at how much things have changed since I was in College. I started taking courses and educating myself as much as possible so I could be up to date with current training methods so I could deliver the quality programming for myself and my future clients.


I realized I had it wrong. We are always told to TRAIN HARD! Which is true yes. But, what we should be hearing TRAIN SMART and HARD.


Anyone can hit the gym load up the weights and “go hard”, then feel sore for 4 days and say they “killed it”, then 2 weeks later they’re out with an injury and wonder what happened. I know because that used to be me.


Training smart means implementing an optimal training program so you see steady progress over time and remain injury free as much as possible while doing so.


Train hard with a purpose not just for the sake of training hard.


Once I figured that out EVERYTHING changed. My training felt better, I feel awesome, not the best shape I’ve ever been in but much better than I was when I started Powerlifting 5 years ago. I am able to lift weights I never have before completely ache and pain free.


And here we are now. 


This is a snippet of my story and the things I’ve gone through. With these and multiple other experiences I can help people avoid making the mistakes I made and ensure they achieve their goals.

Your ASN Coach,