Q: When is the best time to join S.H.I.E.L.D?

A: We email out a new program on the 1st of every month, so we recommend joining on the 30th of the month before.  Example, If you sign up January 30, you will receive your program on February 1.  Should you join in the middle of the month, or a couple days after, that is also fine - you can start that months program on any day, and just move onto the next program once completed.


Q: Can I pay all upfront for my package?

A: Unfortunately, we only accept monthly recurring payments.

Q: How much notice do you need to cancel my monthly recurring payments?

A: We need 7-days written notice before your next payment submitted to

Q: Do you only train Powerlifters?

A: Nope!  We help everyone from those who want at-home workouts, bodybuilding style, martial arts strength & condition all the way to those wanting to compete or train for powerlifting.  Shoot us a message and let’s chat about whether ASN can help you with your training goals!

Q: I’m super new to counting macros, do I have to have experience before I sign-up with you?

A: If you have chosen a Consult, we recommend experiencing tracking macros.


If you are brand new, we recommend you sign up for One-on-one Coaching first and we will teach you everything you need to know about counting macros. 


Q: Which gym(s) do you offer in-person training services at?

A: Currently we only offer online coaching services.


Q: Should I sign up for the monthly Consults if I don’t have training or nutrition experience?

A: No!  These packages are only for those who are experienced and don’t need the weekly accountability.


Q: I purchased a Consult, what if I need help/feedback before my monthly touch-base day?

A: You will be filling out a new form every 4 weeks and supplying the coaches of ASN with information for them to write you a new training program. You can also use the ASN Coaching Community Facebook group to ask questions.


Note that we do NOT send you a new link to the form each month. The link is supplied on your original PDF with your purchase, and you're encouraged to save this link as it is the same one you'll use each month.


We will not send you a reminder, nor will we send you a new link each month, so make sure you set yourself a reminder somewhere.


Q: I signed up for a Consult subscription, can I pause it?

A: Currently at this time, no.  You may cancel your subscription at any time, and simply sign up again when ready.


Q: How often will I be billed?

A: All monthly subscription products will be billed every month starting the day you sign up. If you subscribe on March 7th, for example, you will be automatically billed on April 7th, May 7th, and so on until you cancel your subscription.


Q: For Consults, how often should I submit my follow-up?

A: Every month. We recommend getting in your follow-up form to ASN on the same day every month, preferably on the same day your payment goes through. Please note that you will receive your program 5 business days after form submission.


Q: Are monthly Consults 100% tailored towards me, my needs, and equipment? Even if I have limited equipment or a home gym

A: Yes, ASN writes the custom programs for you and only you. This includes limited equipment or a home gym.


Q: Who are Consults best suited for?

A: This option is best suited for those who want a custom training or macro program on an ongoing monthly basis without the option of check-ins. 


Q:Are there weekly check-ins with the Consult options?

A: No, there are no weekly check-ins with this option. Weekly check-ins are for one-on-one coaching clients only.

Q: What is the difference between Consults & One-on-one Coaching?

A: When the Coaches of ASN are coaching you, you will do a formal check-in via email on a weekly basis answering a variety of questions about your adherence, gym progress, mindset and more, and get feedback from them. Coaching with ASN is more hands-on service with more contact and accountability, and therefore an increased price point. Consults are not a coaching option and offer less accountability and no check-ins at a lower price point.


Q: With Consults, will my macros change each month?

A: ASN will prescribe you macros each month, however, depending upon progress and adherence, they may have you stay on the same macros for more than 4 weeks at a time. Each submission does not necessarily mean that you'll get new macros as you may not need any adjustments, however, it does count towards your monthly feedback.


Q: After my first sign-up, when do I get my plans?

A: Upon your completed questionnaire received by ASN, you will get a confirmation email which lets you know the date you can expect to receive your plans and/or program. ASN Coaching is currently located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and macros will come to you on the confirmed date by the end of her workday, based on Mountain Standard Time. For those of you in other time-zones, this may not be your end of day.

For Consults, you will get your follow-up plans 5 days after ASN received your form.


Please note ASN is closed on half day on Friday's and all day Saturday's, so this day will not count as a day(s).

Q: I've never counted macros before and I think I need some more in-depth help learning exactly what the process is about.

A:  We would recommend starting with One-on-one Coaching then, and as you progress/get comfortable with tracking while working one-on-one, you can cancel that subscription and sign up for the Macro Consult option.


Q: I signed up for a Consult, received my plans/program, but I need additional support and have some questions?

A: Your first go-to should be the ASN Client Group Facebook page, both ASN Coaches answer questions directly through there.  If your question is very personal, and cannot wait till your next monthly check-in; please send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as our schedule permits.


Q: Can I get a refund on a Consult?

A: We will give refunds for consults that ASN has not begun work on if you request one before submitting your questionnaire. 


Q: Can I get a refund on a monthly one-on-one subscription payment?

A: No, these are non-refundable as this relationship is more hands-on.  You are able to cancel your subscription at any time and as long as we receive at least 7 days' notice, can cancel before your next payment.  If notice is received less than 7 days before your next payment, you will be billed for your next payment, and your following payments will stop.


Q: Who is the Behavior & Habit Consult good for? Why would I purchase this and not a Macro Consult?

A: The macro consult is specifically for individuals who would like personalized macronutrient and/or/ calorie recommendations tailored to their fitness goals. Its focus is not on the behavioral aspect of long-term change.


The Behavior & Habit Consult is more all-encompassing and addresses the daily behaviors to master in order to achieve your goals. If you have a general idea of what you’re supposed to do but have been struggling with how to consistently execute the right behaviors, this is for you.


This may or may not include macro/calorie recommendations as well depending on what is deemed most appropriate for you.

If you don't see your question here, please submit your question here.

Please note that upon purchase of any Consult or One-on-one Coaching, you will be sent a PDF with a link to a questionnaire that must be filled out in order for ASN to complete your program. You will be asked to provide current progress pictures, measurements, 7 days of tracked food data, and fitness assessments (*package dependent*) to show ASN where you are starting.  All information shared is completely private and are for ASN's eyes only, unless given strict permission to share.  However, the program/plan cannot be sent until the questionnaire is returned and complete.