HI!  My Names Brittany!

I am the Head Nutrition & Wellness Coach at ASN.


I would say I am an anomaly to those who usually end up being fitness coaches.  Usually you read the story of “I’ve been into sports my whole life….” Well, I wasn’t.  While I played soccer when I was in junior high, and maybe one or two season of basketball, that was it.  I was just never really competitive and when I hit high school my time was filled more with partying, drinking and eating like an asshole (to put it frankly).  Growing up within a family whose attention was never really "healthy & fit", by the time I left High School and entered College I was ~200lbs.  On a 5’4 frame, that’s pretty significant.

Now, here starts the story - I hope you have a couple minutes to read!


In 2013, about 5 years post College (I originally went to school to be a Legal Assistant), I decided enough was enough and embarked on my fitness journey!  So, armed with lots of motivation, I started with Beachbody (yes, I was one of those people) and “clean eating”.  Combining these two methods (with programs like T25, Insanity and one I completely cannot find the name of) I lost ~10LBS!  I was ecstatic because this brought me to right before our family vacation to Cabo.  I felt amazing and walked around that resort with confidence.


But coming home, seeing the scale had gone up A LOT (and didn’t really come back down), I felt lost and like I had been left with 0 direction on how to navigate things without being so extreme (as most Beachbody programs are) and what I had allowed my nutrition to be.


From here I yo-yo’d a lot, lost some more weight, rebounded back up again. Then, in August of 2014 I decided to hire my first online coach to help me learn flexible dieting and how to achieve my goals in a less restrictive manner. With this coach, I ended up losing over 30+ from Aug ‘14 & Jan ’15, with my lowest weight being 130.  I ended up booking myself a boudoir photo shoot to help celebrate my success! 


I learnt a lot during this time with my coach, but although I was armed with how to include “fun” foods into my diet and not follow a meal plan, I was still lost with how to navigate it all when life got in the way, or on my own.


Then, surprise, life happened and from April ‘15 - Sept ’15 my life was all over the place. From deciding to go back to school to get my diploma in Personal Training, working insane hours during the week, crazy gym & cardio schedule & having my breast augmentation surgery, my body was screaming to me “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.”  But I didn’t really listen.  I thought if I kept pushing, kept doing more, that it would get easier. Then, in the fall of ‘15, still completely blinded as what my body actually needed or what was "healthy",  I decided I wanted to compete in a bikini competition and hired myself a prep coach.


So, from Nov ‘15 - May ’16 while in prep, I was doing 30 minutes of fasted cardio 6x/wk, training 6x/wk for 2-3 hours & eating a very restrictive diet. Looking back, I can see that things were not good from the start.  Fast forward to May ’16, things were not progressing, and it seemed like my body was literally fighting against me (we even went so far as trying keto towards the end), I decided to pull the plug.


The emotional rebound & the negative relationship I had with food from this was one of the hardest things to overcome.  This failure was something that I took really hard, because competing (at that time) was something I thought would fulfill me and help me look the way I wanted too.  I thought you had to go to extremes to be lean & fit.


So, I fell off the wagon for a whole year, gaining back 20-25lb. No joke, I would eat peanut butter by the biggest spoonfuls, consistently. But with hard work on my mental health & time in Feb ‘17 things balanced out for me.  It took a lot of looking within myself, who I was, what I wanted, what my goals were, what I liked/didn’t like.

I also found my love for powerlifting during this time!  There is just something about lifting some really heavy ass weights and show casing your strength for no one but yourself that has a really great sense of empowerment!  I've competed twice, once in 2018 at PowerSurge XI, Edmonton, Alberta where I placed 2nd and at the Alberta Powerlfiing Union's Provincials in Edmonton, Alberta where I placed 4th and qualified for Nationals! I would also like to point out that our very own Coach Mike Williams helped me for both of these compeitions!


I learnt that, while wanting to live lean is a great goal, if instead of chasing that scale number, I focused on my mental health & my WHY.  Why I wanted to start losing weight and getting healthy in the first place.


Now, as we near the end of 2019 I work with my body and my mental health takes priority. I have a great balance between exercise and recovery, I am realistic about my goals & expectations, I don’t restrict food choices, have learnt to properly nourish my body and know how to balance all of that when life throws you those curve balls it always does!


However, every single “diet” I've tried, waist trainer I bought, Sweet Sweat product I purchased, supplement I ingested, detox I tried... these experiences have shaped me into the person/coach I am today and has been my #1 reason to want to help people.


I simply do not want any of you to go through the same tough times before finding that balance, while living healthy & fit.


I hope to teach you (whether we work together or you just follow us on social media) that you can have balance in life, fitness & nutrition, that your mind is a powerful tool, that you don’t have to go to extremes to get the body you want and how overrated dieting is.


Lastly, because education is important and one of ASN's values, I am always committed to continuing my education either by listening to podcasts, reading books, or completing educational courses.  As I am a firm believer as everything changes and everyone is so unique.


So far, I have received the following certifications:


  1. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Personal Fitness Trainer - Diploma (made the Dean's List 3x!)

  2. International Fitness Association Personal Trainer - Certificate

  3. Precision Nutrition Certification (Level 1); and

  4. Coaching Association of Canada - Sport Nutrition.


I hope we get the chance to work together, but be sure to send us an email if you have any questions!


Your ASN Coach,