Hello and welcome to ASN quick tips. This is episode number one. #justthetip. Today we're going to cover audio regulation and one way you can implement it in your program.


So as coaches we understand that sometimes life happens. Let's say one week you’re stressed out, life’s going crazy, everything is out of whack and your body is starting to feel the effects you look at your program and it says squats, at 80%, five by five. 


Just looking at your muscles and joints ache. Now I’m not saying  skip the gym. Still go to the gym but you’ve got to make the necessary adjustments during your workout so you don't overtrain and induce too much fatigue. So if you’re warming up and you get to 70% and that 70% feels like 90 at an RPE of 54 you got to use your judgment here.


 Reduce the intensity, lower the weight on the bar, focus on fine-tuning your form, cut off a set maybe, cut off a couple of reps, do some extra mobility work, maybe cut off an exercise even. 


You don't have to skip the gym entirely get in there, do a lighter workout and that lighter workout could reduce some of that extra life stress. And there it is, just the tip of the day, you're welcome.